Friday, November 2, 2007

Well we made the first leg of the trip to Toronto safe and sound. A small bit of convincing and a Visa transaction later and we were on the plane in Calgary. Here is a shot of our plane in Calgary as they load on the luggage....hopefully the planes are safe and sound!

Here is a shot of my dad Brian who is coming along for the first time to watch the World Champs. He doesn't fly himself so this should be quite the experience to see what its all about. Or at least see what all his hard earned money went towards when I was still a kid!

Once we hit Toronto we went out for supper with my sister as we have a 6 hour or so stop. After a nice supper and doing a bit of catch up over coffee at the local Tim Hortons (its a Canadian thing) we made it back to the airport. After a quick visit with security and the transmitters we met up with Dez Vaghy (pilot), Xavier Mouraux (Dez's caller), Harry Ells (team manager) and his wife Rosemary. Dave Reaville and his caller Mark Byrne along with their wives will join us in Santa Fe in a couple of days.


Ivan & Dianne Kristensen said...

I take from your comment that you are transporting your airplanes with you as baggage, here is hoping that the "visa transaction" wasn't too hefty... I have been there many times, the airlines can some time take a dim view of transporting model airplane boxes. Let hope they all arrive in Argentina in one piece.

Chad Northeast said...

Hi Ivan,

No it wasn't too bad, the usual Air Canada oversize fee for the boxes and over weight fee for the luggage! I think around $140....but if we had bought our tickets after August 22 it would have been around $500 as they cranked up the rates!

The planes are in great shape, not a single mark on them so I am happy about that for certain!