Friday, November 9, 2007

I will keep this post short as I really have to get to sleep on time tonite. Our official practice is first thing in the AM tomorrow right after the French, and we want to get out there and see their flights as well.

Today we practiced with the Japanese team, they are truly a model team for Precision Aerobatics. Well organized, very disciplined, extremely courteous and pleasant to be around. I really enjoyed watching them fly today, even though I did not think that they are as on their game as I have seen previously. Its still practice and I am sure they will bring out their best stuff for next week. Suzuki has a new plane that is quite unique with a very narrow fuselage, it almost looks like a profile plane. Its named Mid-Rex, and I will post some pictures of it tomorrow. Akiba is flying the OS 200 and the other guys are running the YS 170's.

We had a great BBQ lunch supplied by the local modelers. I will get pictures of everything up tomorrow.


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