Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 1

Well, day one of the 2010 US Nats is in the books.

The morning started out very overcast with a low ceiling, and a significant delay. A number of test flights were made to check the cloud base before it was decided around 9-9:30 to start the first round and even then some of the planes would almost vanish in the low clouds. The morning remained quite overcast for the rest of the morning.

The winds were light out of the west as usual in Muncie and quite straight down the runway, with little to no crosswind that I was able to determine. There was quite a mix of models in our grouping, CARF Valiant's, Integrals, Ventura, Euphoria, Axial, Xigris, Envision, Axiome, Visa, and Passports just to name a few. Some models had swept wings, and Mark Leseberg flew a biplane and was the only pilot on our line to fly with a bipe.

There were a number of very good flights put up in our group. The styles varied a little bit with some pilots electing to fly a little further out and large and others flying tighter smaller presentation. The 2-1/4 spins seemed to keep people on their toes getting the reversals correct, its a difficult maneuver to see correctly.

After the flights were over for FAI we went on a tour over to site 1 to see what was going on. Seems like electric is catching on with everyone, here are two charger setups I found working hard for a couple of Masters pilots.

After that we decided to go eat something, Nedim and I have been driving past this place for a couple of years and never had the guts (literaly) to try it out. Well finally we just had to, I think it will be the last time we visit, even though it was actually pretty good! LOL

Finally the scores for FAI after day 1's flights.



Dave said...


Dave said...

Hey Chad

Just saw the prelim scores posted by Jason. Keep up the great flying. Looks like all that practicing in storms in Alberta is paying off!