Sunday, October 31, 2010

First Day of Flying

Hello Everyone

Well we had made it safe and sound and managed to get in a couple of flights today. The weather here was fantastic, some clouds, low 20's and only just a light breeze. The odd rain shower would pass through but would not last long.

Our trip here was a bit interesting. We made it to Bogota and through customs reasonably easily. However our flight to Medellin seemed to be delayed for a very long time. Approximately one hour after our scheduled departure (10pm), so its now 11pm, we move to a different gate and board a different aircraft.

The flight is pretty short, less than an hour, and on landing approach in Medellin the pilot aborted the landing and turned around and went back to Bogota. So now we are thinking, great, what are we going to do in Bogota overnight. Back in Bogota, no one is getting off the plane, and it seems as if they are changing pilots. Maybe another hour passed on the ground sitting in the plane and we took off again for Medellin. This time we actually landed, I guess about 1:15AM, so just over two hours late. Eduardo the CD from Ecuador was graciously still waiting for us! We were concerned that maybe everyone had given up! Apparently though the model box managed to arrive on time at 11PM!

Enough stories for tonite, I will leave with some pictures of the Club flying field, which absolutely fantastic.

View down the runway to the...? right lol

A view down the runway to the left

A shot back toward the fully serviced and staffed clubhouse. You can get hot food, beer etc. right on site! No need to go anywhere else, there is even cable TV!

Inside the clubhouse, all the planes tucked away for the evening.

Thats all for tonite! More tomorrow,



Mark Byrne said...

You get all the fun on your road trips!! LOL Great photos and story!

Dave said...

Great update! Timely, concise and to the point... very nice! Keep em coming and yes, both Mark and I wish we were both there to kick your butt :-)