Sunday, March 7, 2010

What's New

Well its been a long time since I last posted anything to the blog (actually since the Worlds). I can’t believe that it has been around 6 months since the Worlds came to an end! The biggest thing that has happened since was that we had our second boy. Thomas was born on November 2, 2009, so is now about 4 months old. He is doing well despite Matthew’s (now 3.5 years) daily assaults!
I have a few new projects on the go for 2010. First is a 30% PAU Sukhoi that I have electrified. I had a 40 sized Midwest Sukhoi that looked very similar to this when I was a kid so that is what prompted the choice. For power I have the Plettenberg Terminator 30-8 motor, which is mounted in the spinner. The ESC is a new Schulze 40-160-xl, which has a lot of new features over the previous future series such as voltcontrol and data logging capabilities. For batteries I will be using the Thunder Power 45C 12s 5000 packs. With the RASA 24x12 prop I expect to see around 5.5 kW with the setup. With a weight of about 18.5 lbs I should be nearly 300 W/lb.


Also on the plate is a small 70mm electric ducted fan of the BAE Hawk, this is a ways off being completed though. I hope to have it ready at some point through the summer. Since its a composite fuse model it requires some painting which I will tackle when it warms up a bit.

On the F3A front, probably not much different. My setup from 2009 served me very well, so I expect to continue to use the Xigris models that I used last year. Rumor has it that Plettenberg and Schulze will have some new F3A products in time for this season. If that is true there is always the possibility of giving those a test run :-)


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