Monday, August 17, 2009

Practice Day 1

We flew at the main site in the middle for day 1.  Just us and the US team minus Jason who was at the hotel feeling ill was out there.  The site is situated in a valley, and is basically surrounded by trees.  The wind is near straight crosswind to the runway at ground level, and very turbulent.  At altitude it can change significantly but is a little more stable, so it makes flying very challenging. 

Brett and his helper Bryan were working on some issues with his motor which I think are now resolved.  Quique was flying his new Ventura bipe which looks very nice, and quite similar to the Euphoria but many subtle changes do exist.  Quique was also sporting a very fancy radio case which was a gift from some friends of his, its a work of art.  He commented that people pay more attention to his radio case than to his airplanes, and he was right!

Andrew showed up a bit later with his helper Verne and got in a couple of quick flights then left to get some needed rest.  It was a good day and an opportunity to relax and shoot the breeze with my friends who I missed getting together with at the Nats this year.

Thats it for tonite, I will try and do a little more catch up tomorrow for Day 2 and Day 3 practice.  Tomorrow is actually our 4th day of practice and we plan to head south a little ways and practice at a different site since more competitors are beginning to show up and the main site is getting crowded.


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Dave said...

Hey Chad

Thanks for the updates and the pictures. The Canadian Pattern community is following closely!

How are the bipes handling the winds?

BTW If you can... please try to get QQ's radio case into your bag on return... he won't miss it :-)